Thank you for your purchase of Wicked Offroad Wheels. The following are the terms and conditions in which Wicked Offroad Wheels conducts their warranty policy. Original receipt with printed date is required. Wicked Offroad Wheels reserve the right to change any policy without notice.

Wicked Offroad Wheels come with a limited lifetime structural warranty for as long as the original purchaser owns the wheels. The wheels must be fitted correctly onto a vehicle with reference to correct load rating on both the wheel and tire. Proper installation with mounting equipment designed for aluminum wheels is required.

Warranties are not transferable. Check fender, suspension and brake clearance before mounting tires on wheels, wheels that have been mounted with tires will not be accepted for return.

The use of spacers on any Wicked Offroad Wheels will void the warranty and any responsibility by Wicked Offroad Wheels. Offroad and Racing applications void the warranty. Purchaser assumes full responsibility and liability for any and all damages from road hazards, physical accidents and chemical damage to the wheels, vehicles and passengers. Correct lug nuts or lug bolts, studs, valve stems, balancing weight and torque specs are the installer’s responsibility.

Wicked Offroad Wheels cannot be held liable for improper accessories or installation. Wicked Offroad Wheels will refinish or replace wheel within one year of purchase in case of peeling, cracking or other cosmetic defects as long as proper maintenance which includes proper wheel cleaners or detergents that do not harm in any way chrome or clear coating of a Wicked Offroad Wheel.

Wheel corrosion is not covered under warranty – no refunds or credit issued on warranty, wheel replacement only. Customer is liable for freight on all returned merchandise from and to original place of purchase. Items will only be accepted with a return authorization number issued by Wicked Offroad Wheels. All merchandise received is subject to final inspection. Re-torque lug nuts after 100 miles.